Mathews Reunion 2007 Grove Hill

If you are a Mathews, related to a Mathews, or interested in the genealogy of this family whose roots are in Clarke County, Alabama, you may find this site of interest. We welcome your questions on family history, as well as any genealogical information you wish to share. You can email us at mathewsfamilyhistory [at] gmail.com.

The McLeods became part of the Mathews genealogy when Frances Isabella McLeod married James Waldrum Mathews. She was the granddaughter of Neal McLeod who is discussed in Walter Davis’ article, “The McLeods of Clarke County: A Thousand Year Journey” that appeared in the Fall 2015 issue of the Clarke County Historical Society Quarterly. For a copy of this article, contact the Historical Society through their website: www.clarkemuseum.com.

Or, if you’d like to share family history information, make comments, or ask questions publicly, please fee free to leave a note below in the comment section on this page.

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  1. Hello, fellow Mathews! My name is Charles, I live in Mustang, Oklahoma. I am the son of Allen Lynn Mathews, grandson of James David Mathews. A nonfiction/geneological book of the Mathews family has been written by a family member who was a direct descendant of an actress made famous in a dusty Nevada mining town. If the names Guymon Faukes, or allusions to a Third Earl of Portland, or William Robert McCurdy(James’ brothers’ uncle) have been found in you research

    • Hello!! I am James “Kevin” Mathews. I currently reside in Kentucky, but my grandparents were in northern Louisiana. My grandfather was Fred A. Mathews, Sr. My lineage on my father’s side, so far as I can tell, goes Joby D. Mathews (my father); Fred A. Mathews; George W. Mathews; William G. Mathews; Richard Lewis Mathews; Isaac (Jr.); Isaac (Sr.)… That’s where I am, so far, in my research.

  2. I am the 2nd daughter of Bernard wayne mathews & sharon lowe mathews from New Hampton, Ia. My fathers’ dads name is Christopher Wayne Mathews from Cresco, Ia. Or that area, he past away before I was born in 1967. I am interested in finding out more on my Mathews’ ancestors.

  3. im the daughter of gordon edward mathews sr from bessemer al i am trying to trace my dads fothers side of the family his names is rogers willie mathews that is all i know about grandfother do not know his parents names he passed away in 1986

  4. Hi I’am the daughter of James Clifford Mathews jr grand daughter of James Clifford Mathews Sr he was the son of Booz Mathews of Rockingham NCon US 1. Also the father of Dorothy ,Kiddie ,William,Irean . My grandfather had n brother’s but I don’t know their names. Please let me know if you have any information on them

  5. I, too, am descended from Isaac and Mary Mathews through Moses Mathews and Sally Findlay and have been looking for proof of both Isaac and Mary’s parents. Please share any documentation found as I will gladly share if I have anything you might need. My Mathews’ settled in Oglethorpe County, GA and there are descendants still living on what (I believe) may be land left from the family’s Revolutionary Land Grant. I am a member of the DAR through Moses and would also like to use my Mathews line to join other lineage societies.

  6. Hi, I am researching my grandmother’s line which has sources back to a Thomas Mathews who was born in 1720 in South Carolina. He would be my Great Grandfather x7. My grandma was a Crosby, and the first Mathews that shows up in the direct line is an Elizabeth Jane Mathews, her father William Mathews, Thomas Mathews, Ezekial Mathews, and then the Thomas Mathews that was born in 1720. I am finding all of this information on your site very helpful, and it is looking like I am maybe related to the people on this site. :)

  7. What a great resource for the Mathews family name. I am descended from Elizabeth Braxton Mathews (1685- 1706) / Thomas Mathews who’s son James Mathews fathered a son Thomas who changed the name to Mathis. These are Georgia and South Carolina Mathews/Mathis . Still have gaps in the research but find sites such as yours help a great deal and just wanted to say thanks


  8. Hello, my name is Mary Mathews. My sister Margaret and I have been researching the Mathews family since 2011 and 2012. We know our father was John M Mathews b.1918 in Dallas Texas. We know his father was Wilmer Bishop Mathews b.1878 in Van Buren Arkansas and he lived and died in Dallas on April of 1946. We know our grandfather -Wilmer’s dad was John Finney Mathews son of Ezekiel Wadell Mathews b. 1808 South Carolina. E W’s dad was Joseph Calhoun Mathews – son of Isaac Mathews and Anne Quarles Calhoun Mathews- married Oct 12, 1784 in Abbeyville SC. We cannot find Isaac Mathews’s father. The photos or images of John Mathews – Gov of SC in 1796 – look like our DAD. We might be from the David Mathews because the Mathews men in our family look like Sampson Mathews b. 1730’s, George Mathews, gov of GA, Mason Mathews of W Virginia. They look like all the Mathews men in our family. Do you have any photos or images of Isaac Mathews or James Mathews from the early years of 1670 – 1800’s? Sure like your sight! You guys have a really big family reunion. You all look happy and connected. Wish we could get one going after we find out what line we are from. We think it could be John Mathews, Toby Mathews, David Mathews or James. We are stuck on the (Isaac) Mathews who married and Anne Calhoun Mathews. Thanks for letting me rant about our inept ancestry research. Appreciate any knowledge you may have towards the Isaac Mathews blockage. Take Care. Mary Mathews

  9. I am researching Mary Mathews who married Isaac Edward Mathews. I am the great great great granddaughter to William Mathis son of Captain Thomas Mathews and Ellen McKnight. I am Isaac Edward Mathews who is father is and who his mother is. I read that Isaac and Mary are distant cousins I need to figure out what relatives make them distant cousins.

  10. Hello,
    I am a descendant of Moses Mathews Sr. My mothers maiden name is Mathews, her father Paul Hamilton Mathews was born in TX to James Monroe Mathews. I have been putting together my tree on Ancestry, but according to the local SAR, i have an error somewhere. Is there a document that i can compare to to hopefully find my error? Any help would be appreciated. JillRod4ancestry@gmail.com

  11. Josiah Allen and Cebell Mathews descendants can easily join DAR or SAR. I proved it and Joined the Daughters of the American Revolution. The two Isaac Mathews listed above were problematic to prove who was who. The Isaac Mathews listed with wife Ann…She is Anne Calhoun captured by Indians and held for years. Captured
    at the Long Cane SC massacre. Lots of interesting information out there about her.

      • Dear Carla,
        Yes I found that puzzling to when I embarked on researching my paternal line of MATTHEWS. However do not be put off as I have found that within the same Matthews line the spellings change sometimes from generation to generation but it is still the same family. So in my case I look at all derivation of my surname ; Mathews, Mathew, Matthews etc. Can be confusing but the devil is in the details.

        Good luck

  12. Hello! I am excited to find this site. I have not known anything of the Mathews line until now. My paternal grandmother (Mary Lee Mathews Osborne) was the daughter of Autus Mathews. He was the son of Lorenza Walton Mathews, the son of John Mathews, the son of Josiah. John, Lorenza, and Autus are all buried in Port Cemetery in Sentinel, OK.

    Do you still have a Mathews family reunion?

  13. Hello all!,
    I am looking for info on Jeremiah Matthews/Mathews (My 4th great-grandfather) b. ca 1784 Virginia ? d. ca 1830 Anderson County, Kentucky. Married Catherine Mizner 12 Nov. 1804 Mercer County, Kentucky. Child: Elizabeth “Eliza” Matthews b. 1807 Mercer County, Kentucky, d. 24 July, 1853, Anderson County, Kentucky. m. 16 Dec. 1834 Anderson County, Kentucky, Randall Walker b. 10 Aug. 1796 Anderson County, Kentucky, d. 11 Jan. 1863 Anderson County, Kentucky.

  14. Hi! I’m the granddaughter of Marvin Lonnie Mathews, son of Joseph, son of Simeon, son of Reece, son of Abraham (1786), son of James (1755), son of Moses – I think. I have Moses as a Mathis, married to Sarah Finley.

    I’m not sure if we cross over with your branch, but would love to find out!

    • Dear Heather,
      Thank you for your response, information and I shall bear you in mind.
      I have just started looking into my MATTHEWS lineage whose origins are from Llandaff, Cardiff, Wales, UK. So with that in mind I am minded to seek out those American families with the same roots.

      Best wishes


  15. Hi. My name is Donald Mathews Jr from Alabama. I have been researching some of my genealogy and not sure if any relation to the line mentioned here but
    I thought I would reach out anyway.
    The following is what I know to be true of my ancestry:
    Father: Donald S. Mathews (b. Alabama)
    G.Father: Sydney Curtis Mathews (b. Alabama)
    GG. Father: Joseph Edmond Mathews (b. Alabama)
    GGG. Father: William Ransom Mathews (b. S. Carolina)

    BTW. I love what you guys have done here and wish you all the best whether we are related or not. Please let me know if any information I may have is useful to your group. Thanks.

    Don Mathews

  16. I am looking for information on Richard Mathews (1803-Aft 1880), my 3rd great grandfather, 1840 living in Marion, Marion SC. Married Dorcus Poston. Migrated 1840’s Gadsden County Fl. Children Mary Elizabeth, Telitha, Rosanna, Solomon, Celia born in SC and Dorcus born in Gadsden County Fl.

    • Dear Rose,
      Thank you for your interest and response.
      My MATTHEWS lineage comes from Llandaff, Cardiff, Wales, UK so I am minded to concentrate on those American families that share the same origin.

      Best wishes

    I am Andrew Arthur Matthews of Cambridge UK currently researching my paternal family line. There is evidence but as yet nothing definitive that I am blood related to the Earls of Llandaff. Cardiff, Wales, UK and if so my line goes back to medieval and even further. To date I have not found a link to the USA in particular , Jamestown Virginia where I known Samuel Mathew/s arrived from UK in 1622.
    I would very much welcome any feedback with anyone who has a UK connection or / and India user the British Rule as my ancestors served for the Honerable East India Company, Indian Army, Indian Civil Service, Indian
    Police Service, and various Indian Railway Companies.

    I wish you all well and hope to hear very soon,


    • Andrew Arthur Matthews, I am descended from Moses Mathews (Mathews also spelled Matthews) of Halifax, Virginia, (1725-1806). to Dr John Pope Sr (1749-1802) to Keturah Pope Long to Margaret Pope to Mary Ann Reed that leads to my grandmother Grace Maud Zimmerman Buscho whose mother descended from Mary Ann Reed. From Moses Mathews, born in Halifax, Virginia you can trace his parents Isaac Edward Mathews, Sr. and Mary Braxton Mathews, the genealogy will lead back to John Mathews born about 1576 of Milton, Somersetshire, England. I don’t know the names of all of his children except for Thomas Mathews born about 1674 in England and died in Virginia USA (date of death unknown). In England, through centuries back, you can trace from John Mathews, 1576, England, to Ynyr, King of Gwent (born about 1030), Wales married Joyce De Baladon of Abergavenny (born 1034), Monmouthsire, England. I’m not sure if this is what you would be looking for. Sincerely, Jeanne Drewrey

      • Dear Jeanne,
        Thank you for your interest and response and what a wonderful tree you have.
        Yes I have come across John Matthews from Dorset , not Somerset, maybe a different person ? However I have not been able to evidence a link to my line.
        As my lineage originated in Llandaff. Cardiff, Wales, UK am minded to concentrate on any American families that share this location.

        Best wishes


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